Warriors of the Wasteland RP Wikia
Warriors of the Wasteland is set in an area based heavily on the Australian Outback, and the Murray-Darling Basin region. For the purposes of the roleplay, it hasn't strictly been based on this, but is highly inspired by the terrain, weather, dangers and flora and fauna. So all these influence the method and style of this site.


The general terrain for the Clans is shrubland. It is generally dry and it directly exposed to the sun. Which during the dead of the dry season can be extremely dangerous to young and old cats. As there is little shade, save for a couple bare trees that scatter that part of the map.
Further north, the ground evens out and becomes more like a flood plain. During the wet season, this region become highly dangerous due to flash flooding and thick mud. Which an ignorant warrior or apprentice can easily get stuck in.
To the west, the ground becomes more green. There is a fern forest there, where plant life thrives. Unfortunately, the Clans don't have any of this claimed. As it is on the opposite bank that they are on.
The River itself is important to the Clans. It is one of the most dangerous aspects of their lives, more for StreamClan.
For a more in-depth look at the territories, refer to this page.


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